Kitesurf Camps in Brazil Nordeste

You know how to kite or want to learn and:

  • Join a group?

  • Share common interests?

  • Support local communities, but you don't know how to?

Discover 4 all-inclusive kite camps in Brazil, between September and November 2019.


Do you like philosophy? Join "Philo'Kite"


20 Sep.-1 Oct.

You are going through change or need a break? Learn about Epictetus!


5 -16 Oct.

Looking for inspiration with classical Chinese literature  Tao Te Ching?


18-31 Oct.

You want to kite on warm water waves and get advice from Mitu Monteiro?

Flat / Freestyle

3-16 Nov.

You want to progress your freestyle with world champion Estefania Rosa?


Géraldine, the initiator and co-organizer, assists you on the water and ensures your security. She has lived internationally most of her life and has French and Swiss roots.

Jaïr is a child of Preà. He is your referent instructor and local guide. He leads our local Brazilian partner school Flywind. Whether you are a beginner or independent, Jaïr will give you good advice for your progression!

Estefania Rosa is freestyle champion 2016. She is Brazilian, comes from Cumbuco and joins us for the freestyle progression. You will enjoy her entrepreneurial values and her passion for supporting the youth in her community. Watch her interview with the Brazilian press here.

Brahim is certified IKO instructor and examiner. His good mood is contagious! He lives in Belgium.

For all our kite camps, we have hand-picked some of the best spots according to tides and waves. We are all IKO professionals and pratice kitesurfing since many years. We are an international team and speak French, English, German and Dutch. MADONKITE is a project initiated in Switzerland. 


A kitesurf camp with alot of fun, support to local initiatives and thematic reflections or a training.



See the details of each camp.


And support in partnership with our partners, projects that have English and education.

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Plastic pollution in ocean problem. Sea

For the Philo'Kite sessions, Abigaïl Doukhan will be our special guest. She studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, holds a Ph.D in Philosophy and teaches Philosophy and Ethics in New York City. She is bilingual in French and English. She is a faculty member at the Queens College, NYC. She is fun, you will be enchanted by her sense of humor, practicality and her straightforward character.

We offer a DRINK PURE water filter to our  clients, to help avoid creating more plastic waste. We have no interest whatsoever in promoting this brand, we just know it is trustworthy.


Depending on the kite camp you choose, we stay at least three days on the same spot, with trips in the area - between Cumbuco / Taiba and the Parnaiba Delta.


They are for experienced kitesurfers who can ride toeside. For a 100% downwind programme with our partner is Surfin Sim Fin, contact us!

For your kite holiday, join us with your colleagues, business partners, a small group of friends or like most of our guests, come solo!


Brazil Nordeste, close to Fortaleza, is one of the best kite destinations in the world.


The conditions are perfect during 6 months of the year. Especially between September and November, when the greyness arrives in Europe: Count on strong wind, between 25 and 30 knots, possibly reaching 35 knots. A normally constituated person needs a kite size between 7 and 9. No-one controls the elements but between September and November, the wind blows in general every day. We garantee 100% wind on our programmes.


The water temperature reaches 30 degrees Celcius and allows you to ride in shorts. Take Lycra T-shirts anyway to protect yourself from the sun.


Brazil Nordeste proposes good infrastructure. We choose VERY PRETTY typical residences called "pousadas" that have enough space for gathering together for our thematic sessions and internet connection. Kitesurfing is a demanding sport and RECOVERY is necessary. Rooms are booked on the basis of 2 persons & beds per room. We strive to find a pousada in which we can ALL STAY TOGETHER, but this is not guaranteed, depending on the size of the group. In addition, we reserve only once your participation is confirmed, which can lead to unavailability if bookings are late. Here are some examples of places we will stay:

Barra Grande



Luis Correira


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