Brazil 2019 - wind4good

Our local and eco-friendly commitment in 2019

  • We are mostly European kitesurfers and promote values linked to the respect of the environment, health and education during the kite trips we organize. We work with local schools and athletes - and support local community development projects that have English, by invoicing on each trip, a direct contribution to those projects (6% of your invoice). Our project is originally based in Switzerland.


  • Our gift: We offer you a DRINK PURE water filter to reduce plastic waste associated with clean water drinking. We have no interest whatsoever in promoting this brand, but we have used and trust these filters.

  • Your gift: On a voluntary basis, you can also bring books for the youth, English or bilingual English-Portuguese and refurbish local libraries with us to encourage language learning. You have the possibility on certain trips, to contribute directly by sharing a fun activity with the children, a story, a hobby, a know-how, a game or a song of yours in order to show them who you are and what values you stand for - during a few hours.



  • MADONKITE transfers the funds directly to its partners in Brazil. With over 10 years of experience in the aid industry, we are committed to supporting projects that have English and promote education. We monitor the projects we support and provide you with a report and a receipt stipulating the usage of your funds.


Interested in our non-profit mission? Share with us eco-social projects in windy areas, that deserve the support of the kitesurf community- our facebook page or write us at contact@madonkite.com mentioning #wind4good.

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