• Fabiano

Pause hivernale et larguage (Winter Break and quick-release)

Dernière mise à jour : 25 mai

Today, we are officially entering the winter period, a period of rest, a break and for many of us, our kites are out of the way, washed, packed-up in a warm closet.. Which is not at all my case, since I have voluntarily decided to spend the last two days without turning on the heat, using my balcony as a freezer, and stayed in a apartment with 16 degrees - as this little thermometer demonstrates. Of course, I am not asking anyone to do the same thing as I do, some other "cold water kiters" being much more worthy than myself. I just wanted to share my experience, along with what the United Nations yesterday celebrated: "human solidarity". In relation to that, I wanted to talk to you today about the acttion of desolidarization, ie releasing, since we all as kiteboarders have had that experience. Separating yourself from your kite, quick-releasing, is always a necessary action, it is a question of safety. We don't just let it go for fun! It imposes itself to the situation! If the word solidarity - from the Latin "solidus" means "whole", "consistent", or even "a tie which unites" and that in the literary sense, solidarity, is a relation of interdependence between things: solidarity takes place between two or more phenomena. Releasing your kite is when you decide not to hang on your lines anymore, when you decide to let go of the strings that no longer respond to the changes you expected. That you make a personal commitment to reducing the risk of a worse situation. If the tension, power relations are no longer sustained and sustainable, that the members are not well positioned between themselves, that the interactions and interdependencies are no longer named and respected, each party defending with too much or not enough force, its territory, its interests, its sport, group, community, or signature, etc. - well…. We can ask ourselves if precisely, it is at this point, where we expose ourselves to a de-solidarization. And if the weaving no longer allows, that everyone stitches, spins and overcast, it pulls too much, after a while we make holes ... and it cracks! This winter, I wish us to weave the sails of our personal commitments, on which we will navigate, to engage with the threads that we weave and to prepare for a renewal of our ties.

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