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The Laughing Cow and the Sales/Marketing Team

Who does not know the laughing cow and her earings printed with her own picture?

This is an example of "mise en abyme", an expression in French, not translatable into English.

It is the artistic or visual experience of standing between two mirrors, seeing as a result an infinite reproduction of one's image. An image within an image, a story inside a story. More of the same, reproducing the same.

Relationship with sales and marketing?

During my masters degree in marketing, and that is quite a long time ago (time flies!) the first thing our professor taught us was that a product could be only sold at the condition that it was renewable. Coming from a social background and growing-up in a family valuing work as a service to others and not because 9-5 was the time to make money, this kind of statement shocked me in my naïvety. He also added that most of his marketing students ended-up not in sales but in procurement. These two ambiguous statements clearly stated that sales teams, probably would be needing, beyond a great product to sell and a great leader, great knowledge on how people function and resilience including cohesion, self-motivation, strong mental forces and encouragement! And most of all, a change of posture and movement to renew their perceptions about themselves and their changing environment!

a group of kitesurfers
"MIse en abyme" or change of posture?

The mirrorring giving a smaller and smaller image - of the same thing!

"No’s" are typical answers they get - and sales leaders can forget that if they are sales persons, they are first, persons - in sales!

Let aside life related parameters that can affect motivation, self-confidence or performance at work - they must constantly look into that mirror of themselves. Giving them a fun challenge that basically, sets the bar high, but that you know as executive, they will meet, will boost their motivation and give them a sense that they can make it! Give yourself as a sales executive,an opportunity to be the best boss ever, and they will not want to work for anybody else!

How do you make the laughing cow ride the wave and not fall into the abyss?

This is one question can help you answer during our 20-30 November 2018 business & kitesurfing workshop.

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