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Today, June 6, 2018 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is the largest FinTech Conference in Latin America. How present will French and Swiss companies be? Inspiration usually comes from outside the office, and this is what we wish geniuses from Brazil and elsewhere will find during this conference.

A visit of Zug crypto-valley, to Brazil?

In Europe, spots seem to be highly demanded for some of those upcoming conferences, and they will certainly quickly be filled.

How many Brazilian startups from Sao Paolo or elsewhere, will come to France or Switzerland on these occasions and visit the so attractive crypto-valley in Zug? Should the number of spots be insufficient to accommodate all interested Brazilian startups, we thought that perhaps one day, the crypto-valley of Zug might visit Brazil, due to its attractive dynamism!

photo of a nerd typing on his computer
Is your PC your best friend?

Social "nerd" and new techs addicts

Nerds are not social, "people" usually say. Don't get us wrong - there is just no complex to be smarter or to know more than many in a certain field. We all are nerds about something. As professional in these technologies, startups, digital nomads, you and your teams work tirelessly to achieve your goals. You are maybe a workaholic and don't have time. Most of you are bored, tired of listening to nonsense, and generally, you prefer to be alone in front of your PC. You are not unsocial, you just feel and are different. The idea of being in a group, disconnected, away from your PC and your screens, without having a problem to solve and outside of 4 walls? This is for sure boring and and a waste of time. You dont quite have the profile of the super sexy beach-boy surfer? That's even better: Character matters more than one's tan. We agree.

But you may also need to get some fresh air, a challenge, want to learn something new about yourself or have new sensations? You want to experience working in a playground mode during the day, while staying connected and available. Brazil is an excellent destination for your business and well-being. The MADONKITE project Brazil, November 20-30, 2018, is an opportunity to combine kitesurfing and fun, networking, and to live a social experience with people who are like you. If you are a digital nomad of a work smart company, this is for you.

So, why not combining business and work with a pleasant moment?

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