Survey Results - Interests of kitesurfers

Dernière mise à jour : 30 juin 2021

The shelter in the making that will give us shade this summer on the kite & dialogue get-together!

A survey was made during May 2020, in order to better understand the subject matters that interest kitesurfers, for an even more human kite community. (FR) (EN) (DE) in order to redirect the dialogues during the Philo'kite weekends.

The questions focused on 2 axes: One on the external environment and systems around kitesurfing and one on their personal development.

So far, we have received more than 50 responses with a majority of respondents in France and Switzerland and a few in Germany. They give the following overview, in order of importance, of the priorities which interest them, linked to their external environment:

1. The environment, nature conservation on the spots

2. The kite community and international development

3. Circular economy, waste management and recycling

4. Community work on spots abroad and accountability, The community's contribution to sustainable development, The decarbonization of the sport sector and ecological transition

5. Peace and security on the spots during my travels

With regards to their personal accomplishment, the trends were as follows:

1. Action and surpassing oneself, Carbon footprint, Zero waste

2. Ideas on poverty, Change: should we adapt or not?

3. Virtue of disobedience and authority

4. Non-violent communication

5. Emotions, Spirituality, Leadership or how to navigate in an uncertain world, Narcissism, causes and effects on oneself and those around, Imposture, virtue of the civilized man

It also emerged that 25% of the respondents are ready to present subjects or supports for our dialogues.

We are excited about the gift of your presence during these weekends at Beauduc / Salins de Giraud, to share kite sessions as well as fun and discuss around evening drinks !

31 July - 4 August

7-11 August

14-18 August (this weekend is cancelled for Summer 2021, only the first two weekends are maintained)

Discussion materials for inspiration are in preparation and will be defined within the limit of those that came out in the survey. If you are among the 25%, send us your ideas and we will integrate them in the programme.

The final selection will be developped with those who wish and made public during the next weeks. We are staying available to exchange on how to approach the themes and contributions.

If you are interested in presenting a material that will feed discussions during these weekends (your experience, a text, film, or game) on one of the priority themes, and to interact informally during our evenings, we are looking forward to your contact.

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