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The little nothing that changes everything .. What do you do for solidarity?

Dernière mise à jour : 22 avr. 2020

Making jokes or simply showing who you are and make others laugh, offering online foreign language conversations to kids so they don't lose their level, preparing good meals for your children or give words of affection to your beloved, shopping and giving tender words to your old parents, writing poems, drawing, making phone calls to your friends or playing music for your neighbors ...

We invite you to post a short message or a short video of your "little nothing that does everything" around you and for your community on our Facebook page.

It started for us more like a joke on Monday morning 13.04.2020, before Emmanuel Macron spoke in the evening, about masks for the general public. Finally, the MADONKITE project decided to exceptionally propose on request, to recycle old and unusable kites into 200 craft masks, for the general public. Masks will be desinfected a first time, protected in a paper packaging and delivered by postal sevice. They are washable and reusable. The kite fabric is particularly solid, water resistant and dries fast. Its serves more to protect others from one's own water droplets. The price is symbolic and is the one that can be paid (minimum cost of shipment). Masks are not made to be re-sold.

Revenues are symbolic and will contribute to the organization of our kitesurf and philosophy workshop #philokite this summer in August, we hope. It will be used to offer a reduced rate for beginners who will join us for kite lessons, to cover the rental of the space for the Philo workshop in the evening and a supplement for aperitifs, and to pay for our philosopher's ticket and accommodation.

The MADONKITE project was initiated in April 2018 and its purpose is solidarity between kitesurfers and for communities around them. Through #Wind4good, kitesurfers can choose and propose projects they want to support in windy areas.

During this #Covid19 period, the MADONKITE project supports the Northeast region of Brazil, which is a very windy region and one of the world famous paradises for kitesurfing, in two projects:

° in Cumbuco, the Viva Cumbuco initiative, in partnership with the Instituto Bom de Bola, the buggy association of Cumbuco, the fishermen's association and Intention Ventures, which evaluated 90 families, ie 330 people, who are current time without income. #cumbucobomdebola #intentionventures #winds4future

° in Fortaleza, the association IPOM, Instituto Povo do Mar mainly in the area of ​​Grande Vicente Pinzòn, which has helped more than 900 families with basic food and the dissemination of health prevention information to Population and plans to help even more. #ipom #institutopovodomar

You can send your donations by transfer to the 4 DEV Consulting GmbH account which hosts the MADONKITE project, according to the contact details of the Swiss Post bank: IBAN: CH52 0900 0000 1436 8569 8, SWIFT / BIC: POFICHBEXXX BY INDICATING "Cumbuco" or "Fortaleza" 100% of the donations will be donated for this special action.

Solidarity is a three-way street: it implies giving, receiving and giving back. More information on our support activities for reliable projects in kitesurfing areas, check and our workshops on #philokite which I hope, will take place in Beauduc, France in August.

For any information or question, contact us at

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