In 2020, "You choose what's good!"


Solidarity and public utility commitment

  • We work with local kite schools and athletes, and propose to our clients to support with us, local community development projects that have English or an education component.


  • Because of the above, in 2020, we decided to shift, and give a choice to our clients, on the project they want to fund when they travel with us. This is why we initiated the slogan "You choose what's good!". The funds that our clients donate for the projects during the kite trips are still transfered in full to the local organizations and by 4 DEV Consulting GmbH, which for now hosts the MADONKITE Project. But we now simply propose different projects to support, that comply to our quality standards.

  • The MADONKITE project is in its initiation phase and is currently supported by personal means of the founder. Kitesurfing being a risky sport, 4 DEV Consulting GmbH serves as an umbrella for the project although they are distinct. The MADONKITE Project can in the future, become legally separated from 4 DEV C.

  • We can add on our list, projects for solidarity and education, and that have English, that the kite community would like to support in windy locations. Contact us for our standards for project submissions and partnership requirements or download our template here and send it to contact@madonkite.com.


English tutorial for vulnerable kids (ongoing)

The pre-and-after school programme includes English conversations, surfing and aims for kitesurfing lessons for kids from Fortaleza.

2 hours of English conversation

CHF 120


Literacy for street dwellers (ongoing)                        

The project cares for street dwellers with a meal, a shower, clothes, reconnects them with their families and offers them literacy lessons.

1 reading and writting session

CHF 105


For youth in Cumbuco (planned)                         

In partnership with the local library and the Sunshine school, "English cafés" take youth to read together and share in English or in Portuguese.

1 "reading-café" for youth 13-18

CHF 80


Language teachers capacity building (planned)

The programme motivates English teachers by organizing inter-regional exchanges on pedagogical practice.

1 exchange day/3 teachers in Northeast

CHF tbd


Kitesurfing for modest kids in Cauïpe-Cumbuco

Estefania Rosa, kitesurf champion 2016,  teaches future talents and treats them with nutritious snacks.

1 afternoon session

CHF 175





CHF ---

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