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In 2020, "You choose what's good!"

Solidarity and public utility commitment

Human and environmental solidarity is at the heart of the MADONKITE Project.

But what is solidarity?

It is a many-ways street: it implies giving, receiving and giving back. And it starts with asking. It is opposed to ignoring, taking, rejecting and keeping.

Solidarity does not mean that a gift or a donation is necessarily free in the sense that charity or philantrophy can suggest, but it is the basis of how society functions since antique times. We can give ourselves, give encouragements, give recognition, bring about, create together the world we want. It is about first, being together.

Since its beginning in 2018, The MADONKITE Project supports local communities in windy locations in Brazil through local organizations and looks forward to collaborating further with associations, territories, schools and their partners, public, environmental, sports and commercial actors.




Exceptionally and during this #COVID19 period, it has supported projects in Fortaleza and Cumbuco.

You can send your donations from Europe by transfer to the 4 DEV Consulting GmbH account which hosts the project, according to the contact details of the Swiss Post bank: IBAN: CH52 0900 0000 1436 8569 8, SWIFT / BIC: POFICHBEXXX BY INDICATING "Cumbuco" or "Fortaleza". 100% of the donations will go to these two projects.

The project is also transforming unusable kites into masks and gives them away at a symbolic price. Check the blog article here.

  • We support local projects that have English and ensures reporting of progress to the kite community. These projects can support human, social, environmental activities or related to corporate social responsability on and around kite spots. We benefit from a large network of local partners on kite destinations.

  • We do not impose any contribution to our clients on the trips we offer. but it is strongly encouraged. We recommend a 6% contribution of price invoiced for the trip, to one of the listed projects.

  • If you would like a project be supported, contact us for our standards for project submissions and partnership requirements or download our template here and send it to contact@madonkite.com.


English tutorial for vulnerable kids (ongoing)

The pre-and-after school programme includes English conversations, surfing and aims for kitesurfing lessons for kids from Fortaleza.


Literacy for street dwellers (ongoing)                        

The project cares for street dwellers with a meal, a shower, clothes, reconnects them with their families and offers them literacy lessons.


Wildlife protection and restoration                             

The project helps protect, reintroduce birds and plant trees.


Reforestation and protection of biodiversity

The programme works to prevent erosion, supports tree planting activities and the monitoring of species.


Kitesurfing for future young talents                                                                                                                         

The programme teaches kitesurfing to young talents and treats them with nutritious snacks.


Kitesurfing for modest kids                                                 

The programme teaches kitesurfing to young talents and treats them with nutritious foods.










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