Solidarity towards the commons

The MADONKITE Project is a civil society initiative, kitesurfers who care for ecology. Human-centered, it values local participation and sharing.

In May 2020, the projet conducted a survey on interests of kitesurfers and one conclusion indicated that environmental issues are important for kitesurfers. Since then, are proposed Kite & Dialogue meetups. A first get-together between kitesurf associations in the Geneva Lake area took place in 2021. Read our blog

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Nature is our playground, we are concerned about the preservation of the environment and terrestrial ecosystems.

The MADONKITE project proposes to work towards the objective of preventing future heat waves, global warming and preserve the natural habitat of wildlife, It proposes to link the global Sustainable Development Objective (SDG) 15 - Life on Land - with local initiatives around windy areas where kitesurfing is practiced.


Scan the QR code, contribute to the environmental cause  and sponsor trees around kitesurfing areas !

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On the photo above, maple trees along the Léman Lake. Although trees can be obstacles for launching and landing kites at departure and arrival, they are considerable providers of shade and of biodiversity - they make the landscape a beauty ! According to scientic data, trees tend to play more of a protection role and to lower the speed of wind. Wind transports humidity and coolness from the forested coastlines to inland, and this way, prevents local warming.

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Support local initiatives around kitesurfing areas for global effects on the people and the planet ! 


Since ancient times, solidarity is the basis of how society functions. Kitesurfers can all do something for themselves and for others.




Close to Léman lake, the MADONKITE Project replants trees after a storm which devastated the forest.                            



Literacy for street dwellers                 

A local NGO provides care for street dwellers of Fortaleza,  a meal, a shower, clothes, literacy lesson and reconnects them with their families.



A second life for kites

You don't know what to do with your old kites ? We recycle and transform them into  two unique models of bags.                                  

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For kids in Cumbuco and Cauipe

Kitesurf lesson and English conversation with local champion Estefania Rosa , and a healthy snack for kids.                             

On the blog, you can consult results of the survey regarding the interests of kitesurfers, conducted in May 2020. The project has also transformed unusable kites into masks  and has given them away at a symbolic price. Check the blog article here.

What we have done until now in support to other organizations


Since the start in 2018 and in 2019 during the Covid 19 crisis, the MADONKITE Project has supported local social projects in windy locations in Brazil.: Fortaleza (World Vision Brazil , Rosas dos Ventos and Instituto Povo Do Mar) and Cumbuco (Intention Ventures), assisting with food distributions and youth education.

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  • If you wish to share with us an idea for a project that has English and would like support from the kite community, please contact us ! We are always pleased to extend our network of partners on kite destinations.