The Story ...

... is about MOVEMENT, LIFE and BEING!

... because MOVEMENT is only possible through ANOTHER.

We like MOVING FROM SPOT TO SPOT, because life is a journey. We are people in ACTION. Sometimes without ACTING.

We like to KITESURF between the waves or on flat waters, in UNIQUE places, and feeling our legs and abs WELL STRIPPED, at the edge of fainting (and ADRESSING IT...),

Making friends with a crew with the same VALUES, at FULL THROTTLE ...

​CONTRIBUTE DIFFERENTLY to the lives of the people who are welcoming us as kitesurfers, very nicely and patiently!

We have a PASSION for this sport and...  TRIPS TO BRAZIL gave us a HEART to...

... and because we met PEOPLE, who  became friends and with TRUST, led to partnerships ...

finally, because OUR FEET ARE ON THE GROUND...

15 years  of EXPERIENCE in big and small companies, in which we often claim to CHANGE THE WORLD, systems or lives.

An "evolving conclusion" that NGOs should not forget why they were created and that the private sector should not forget why it can exist.

A CONCLUSION that a private entreprise can also be social. After all, the legal form does not matter much. The intention is what matters, and everyone can "be right", dependong from which angle you look.

A COMPETENCY and IDEAS to support INCLUSIVE projects, driven by PARTICIPATORY methods.

​​A desire to VALUE kitesurfing  and all wind-related sports, as a  VECTORS for human solidarity.

Géraldine V.

4 DEV Consulting

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