A Post-Covid survey for the kite community

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We are asking ourselves how to make the world of kitesurfing even more human!


Is Covid-19 a symptom of "co-emptiness" ("vide" in French), « emptiness with the Whole », « emptiness with the Other »


One might think that the use of standards, compliance and control, results from a lack of dialogue, reflection, exchange, sharing and trust - and because speech might also have lost in value, when it in fact, it is what makes us humans. Because decision is by nature, binding, a human being tends to let others decide for him. And this growing phenomenon, in all its magnificense, has constrained the whole world in recent months, as each one has been striving and continues to strive to distinguish what is true from false, being forced to navigate where the world of the sensible and the intelligible intertwines.


Because of Covid-19, the initial #Philokite program must be readjusted, since our philosopher invited to speak to us about stoicism will not join us this time.


As kitesurfers, action counts for us. Therefore, I thought that the wind could nevertheless bring us together between us as navigation fans - around socio / humano / politico / philo themes or others, in an even more participative format and see together how to make our kite community even more human. The idea of ​​post-covid reflections between kitesurfers is therefore maintained.


For this, we need your help to define the most suitable content. The initial dates are currently maintained for:


Salins de Giraud / Beauduc, France

July 31 - August 4

August 7 - 11

August 14-18

They will be confirmed progressively and the mode of exchange will be specified according to the applicable local regulations and the number of participants.


As this is a first of it's kind, we need your help to answer 6 questions and we thank you in advance!