Le vol vers Fortaleza n'est pas inclu dans nos programmes. Compter EUR 830.- ou CHF 966.- (date du 02.04.2018)

Nous vous recommandons Air France (AF, KLM et Joon) depuis Paris. Dès Mai 2018: 3 vols hebdomadaires effectués par KLM les lundis, jeudis et samedis, et 2 vols hebdomadaires effectués par Joon, les vendredis et dimanches. https://www.airfrance.ch/en et la TAP:   https://www.flytap.com/fr-ch/.

Aucune assurance pour la perte, destruction ou dommages matériels ou les frais de recherche, secours, rapatriement et dommages corporels liés à la pratique du kitesurf n'est incluse. Il revient à chacun de s'assurer pour les 10 jours. L'assurance annulation est conseillée.

 Pour les comités d'entreprises (groupe 10-16 pers.)

Pour les particuliers:

Conseils vols et assurances


The flight to Fortaleza is not included in our programmes. Count EUR 830.- or CHF 966.- (date of 02.04.2018)

We recommend Air France (AF, KLM and Joon) from Paris. From May 2018: 3 weekly flights by KLM on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and 2 weekly flights by Joon on Fridays and Sundays. https://www.airfrance.ch/en and TAP:   https://www.flytap.com/fr-ch/.

No insurance for loss, destruction or damage to property or the costs of search, rescue, repatriation and bodily injury related to kitesurfing is included. It is up to the client or the participants of the client to take an insurance for the 10 days. An insurance in case of cancellation is recommended.

 For works councils (group 10-16 pers.)

  • Health insurance, ACS "Globe Partner Guarantee": https://www.acs-ami.com/fr/lps/assurance-voyage-groupe/. Count EUR 30 per person for non Brazilian residents in France, Switzerland and Germany. Including the reimbursement of medical expenses resulting from an illness or accident at 100% of the actual costs under the contract guarantees, as well as the repatriation and civil liability guarantees.



For individuals:

  • With Helvetia, the additional "Kitesurf" insurance covering damage (equipment rented by yourself or by a third party) can only be concluded with the basic private liability insurance. The annual bonus is 75 francs per person (lump sum). In addition, a separate insurance certificate must be issued in order to be covered in the event of a claim.

  • For medical expenses due to bodily injury to oneself and others and break or destruction of rented equipment and: https://cp.vdws.de/safetytool/ to 39 EUR. Valid only if you reside in Europe.

  • For search and rescue expenses, and rental of replacement equipment: http://www.assurance-multi-sports.com for persons residing in Europe, United Kingdom and Switzerland. By day option WORLDWIDE, at 4.90 €. Are covered the costs of search and rescue, including helicopter, up to 30.000 €. The insurance does not support damage on sports equipment, but only the rental fee to replace the personal equipment if it breaks.

  • In case of cancellation: For all persons residing in the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway or the Principality of Monaco. http://www.intermundial.fr/Assurance-Voyage/Assurance-Annulation-Plus

  • Combined / multi-risk, rescue & cancellation insurance for people living in Switzerland: https://www.tcs.ch/fr/produits/assistance-voyages/ and Allianz for people residing in France or in overseas territories: https://www.allianz-voyage.fr/devis-en-ligne/devis-en-ligne/?p=Annual

Tips for flights and insurance

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