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​2021 Kite trips - cancelled


Kite & Dialogue in Beauduc, Camargue, France &
Solidarity Kite Camp, Northeastern Coast, Brazil

You already kite or want to learn and :

  • Join a group ?

  • Share thoughts and common interests (except kitesurfing !) ?

  • Support a local solidarity project ?

Let's kite together this Summer in Beauduc, Camargue, and prepare for the Fall in Brazil !


Kite & Dialogue

Beauduc, France

Jul 31 - Aug 4

Kite during the day

Learn, share & French cuisine in the evening

Kite & Dialogue

Beauduc, France

August 7-11

Kite during the day

Learn, share & French cuisine in the evening

Kite & Dialogue

Beauduc, France

August 14-18

Kite during the day

Learn, share & French cuisine in the evening

Progression &

Solidarity, Brazil

November 2-13

Progress with freestyle world champion Estefania Rosa on the best spots!

Invitation video Philo'kite 2020 - cancelled

Géraldine is the founder and organizer. She is certified IKO instructor and assists you on the water. She has international projects experience and a heart for education.
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Brahim Yahia is certified IKO instructor and assistant trainer. His good mood and positivity are contagious! He lives in Belgium and speaks Dutch, French, German, English.
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Abigaïl Doukhan teaches philosophy and ethics in New York City. She is bilingual in French and English. She is fun, you will be enchanted by her sense of humor, practicality and her straightforward character. Extract of her work on love here.
Estefania Rosa is freestyle world champion 2016. She is Brazilian, from Cumbuco and has an entrepreneurial spirit. She is our coach on the Brazil trip and mobilizes the youth of her village in Cauipe, to take us on a downwind. Watch her interview here.
Jaïr Marques is a child of Preà. He is your referent instructor and local guide on our Brazil trip. He leads our local Brazilian partner school Flywind. Whether you are a beginner or independent, Jaïr will give you good advice for your progression! He speaks French, English and Portuguese.



November 2021 - cancelled

Just land in Fortaleza and we pick-you up!

Departure from Cumbuco 

A kite community for solidarity is at the heart of our vision.

MADONKITE is a project initiated in Switzerland and that supports projects that have English and education in windy areas. Choose an activity from a local association in Céara. Visit the project and follow advancements with us!

For our kitesurf in camps in Brazil, we have hand-picked some of the best spots according to tides and waves. Most of us are IKO professionals and we all pratice kitesurfing since more than 10 years.

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