KITESURF Retreats &


7-10 days in Brazil Nordeste

Dates on request between July and December

You are:

  • An EXECUTIVE or a TEAM MANAGER in sales, edition or technical

  • A HUMAN RESOURCE leader, in charge of your CSR or TRAINING programme

  • An SME without operational capacity to organise a RETREAT

  • A company in "WORK SMART" mode, with REMOTE teams or DIGITAL nomads

  • Working on New Technologies incl. FinTech/Blockchain, EdTech, digital

  • And you have a budget of about CHF 5'000 per person (incl. travel and insurance)?

-> We offer a retreat that can combine Teambuilding, CSR and Business. 3 in 1!

-> Get together, have fun and work on your annual budget, editorial plan or sales strategy

-> Our approach uses participatory methods and the logical framework

Engagement through FUN from kitesurfing, a business workshop and a local project.

We propose reflections around three main thematics:

-> Team Teambuilding, cohesion and bonding, mentoring and change management

-> Leadership Skills: Personal gifts and talents, values

-> Planning & Celebrating: Work on your annual plan. Reward and challenge your teams

Everyone can learn to fly a kite.

Contact us to share your objectives.

​​We propose ideal conditions to stimulate FOCUS, collaboration, creativity, cohesion and engagement. You want your teams, leaders and business partners to excel in WORKING TOGETHER, to drive or adapt to change, to be even more proud to work with you, or you want to reward them?


We help you boost your corporate image and  improve your RESULTS: they will bond together, improve their FOCUS capacity and will never want to work for another boss!

By offering a fun, eco-sports and social programme ; proven vectors of cohesion and engagement.

Why Brazil? Because our approach is based on a logic of intervention based on kitesurfing. Wind is a mandatory condition to our promise and Brazil offers it.

Having Fun and  Achieving Results

Many parallels can be drawn from kitesurfing, to succeed in leading change, uniting teams and improve their results such as:


  • Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs..

  • Fix your objective and concentrate first...

  • Play the game, don't let the pressure for results win...

  • Improve your technique more than your strength...

  • Take calculated risks, plan... adapt...

  • Know the strengths of others...and trust them...

  • Be persistent... sometimes make mistakes...

  • Listen to the environment and to your kite, as to your clients...

  • Never overestimate yourself, know the basics...

  • Respect the rules, help each other to avoid the crash...

  • Push the limits without crossing them...

  • Observe and stay flexible in order to adapt...

  • Not be afraid to ask...

  • Let go at the right time and know how to react...

Come ride with us and fly a kite, and achieve your professional goals!

  • Impact on your  results and image.

By valuing and recognizing your employees and business partners talents, your company will be perceived as dynamic, promoting employee and partner engagement for better results. In addition to a fun sports challenge that will make them proud of themselves, they will be mobilized around a social project, which will make them proud of you!

  • Customized programme. Times for work sessions and building cohesion, according to your objectives. We can find technical experts to lead workshops or facilitate work sessions for you, based on participatory methods upon agreed deliverables. We take care of the logistics and adapt the programme.

  • Benefits that may be tax deductable. Depending on your goal and the content of the program, they can be billed as CSR, a training, incentive, teambuilding, reward, holiday gift.

  • Your guest or facilitator comes with a reduced price or free of charge. You implement your own programme

  • We can book on your behalf, international flights and insurance according to your own corporate rates. Kitesurfing is not covered by conventional accident insurance and you must ensure that your employees are covered. Check our tips here.

  • Internet connection to "work smart", safety and security on the water, comfort and ideal conditions for learning. We are connected 24h/24 by phone and have good internet in mostly all locations. Our instructors and guides are all IKO certified professionals. We validate through official IKO cards, all the hours of lessons taken by your participants. Comfort in very comfortable accommodations and wind 100% guaranteed!

  • Capacity to take a big group. 16 people max on trips with multiple locations. For beginners and experienced kitesurfers. We can make a video souvenir with drone.

  • Your influence. You contribute to changing the culture of work and responsibilize employees, promote work smart, encourage women practice of kiteboarding and promote local social engagement.

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